Union Pacific freight on the Keddie Wye, CA. Photo: Dennis Turner. June 29, 2015
BNSF Double-stack at Barstow, CA. Photo: Dennis Turner. July 6, 2015
Argentine Central Shay #14 at Colorodo Railway Museum. Photo: Dennis Turner. June 22, 2012
Denver & Rio Grande Western F7 #5771 at Colorodo Railway Museum. Photo: Dennis Turner. September 22, 2009.


 N Scale Trains

Specialising in N Scale American Trains and Collectables

Micro-Trains Line; Atlas Model Railroad Co; Athearn; Kato USA; N Scale Enthusiast

Over the last 30 years I have been collecting N Scale models to run on my Denver's RailRoads layout. Due to time restraints I have "collected" more models than I can "run" and now that the layout looks like one day it will actually be completed, I have found that many of the over 2000 models collected do not fit into the 1950's and 1960's "Denver" theme of the Railroad. 

I have therefore decided to offer these models for sale. Most of them are Micro-Trains models that are now no longer available from hobby shops, There are also a number of Atlas and Athearn models that are no longer available. In addition I have a collection of models put out by N Scale Enthusiast (previously N Scale Collector) either as a special run or as a "gift" car for membership or attendance to one of their conventions. These models are very rare and often highly sort after by collectors.

New/Mint/Exceptional Quality: Almost all of these models are brand new, complete with all the correct packaging, without evidence of being altered, and no evidence of item wear from running on any layout. In a few cases there may be slight shelf wear or small pressure cracking of box or lid may be evident.

Very Good to Excellent Quality: A small number of models may demonstrate slight evidence of age including discoloration of Price Sticker, Insert Labels and slight yellowing of box and lid, as well as minor cracks found in the box and lid. In all cases the condition of box and model are noted together with a photograph of each. The price will also be adjusted to take into consideration the condition of the box.

Also on offer are a small number of brand new miscellaneous items, such as track and point motors, which are surplus to my requirements and a few second hand models. These are all priced accordingly.

All prices are in Australian dollars and are mostly based on the landed cost of the item when imported from the United States of America or in the case of track & accessories, the United Kingdom. I am not trying to make a profit, only to recover my costs. North American customers should note that the price in US dollars will be considerably cheaper than the AUS dollar price. Often by as much as 30% due to the appreciating US dollar. Our shipping costs are also very low, in fact generally below cost, at a flat rate of $12 per order within Australia or $25 per order if shipped to North America, Europe, Asia or New Zealand. No hidden surprises there!

What is an N Scale Collectible?

People collect a lot of things.  From all things ever released in N Scale to every car and loco ever released in Union Pacific, to every Micro Trains car ever released, to all things intermodal, to only 40 foot boxcars, to only cars released for the Lackawanna Railroad.

Part of the historical mandate for The N Scale Enthusiast (NSE) was the commemoration and recording of the values of the collections that many of their members have.  NSE started with Micro Trains Line cars and Con Cor Collector sets, but in the last few years it has expanded to cover Kato and Atlas locomotives, and rolling stock from many manufacturers. In order to do this, NSE had to define what standard makes a car collectible.

The Toy Train Operating Society had a good set of guidelines that used the phrase “in original condition.” NSE felt that this was the best model for its members to explore.  However NSE did not adopt these standards wholesale, as there are many things in 'O' that do not apply to 'N.'

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The N Scale Enthusiast's definition of an N Scale Collectible is:

“Collector Quality Car appears to be new, complete with all of the correct packaging, with no evidence of having been altered and no evidence of wear from running on a layout. Price tag is intact and correct for the car. Box is in good condition and appropriate for the release date. Labeling is appropriate for the original release. All parts are correct for car. Couplers, trucks, and axles are correct for the original release.”

There is no way to positively determine whether or not the box, the label, or the cradle is exactly the one that shipped with that very car.  Since NSE cannot prove that a car is un-opened, or as it was when it was sold, they don’t try to guarantee it. If the car appears original then they call it Collector Quality.

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Townsville N Scale Modellers

A small group of five N Scale modellers meet on a Saturday afternoon, once a month, in each others layout rooms or garages to swap railway stories, watch railway videos, help build each others layouts and to provide encouragement. In time we expect to hold regular operating sessions on my Argentine Central Railway (which is still under construction as you can see from the photograph on the right) and one day on the larger Denver's RailRoads.

The group is not a club and does not have a president or a committee. It is just a group of like minded N scalers. If you live in Townsville, or are passing through and would like to join us for an afternoon, or more, please call Dennis on 0418 211 108.